You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peels After Reading This

You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peels After Reading This – Banana is a very popular fruit loaded with lots of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fibers, manganese and also magnesium etc. This nutrients are very essential in the growth and well-being of the human body. Bananas are virtually everywhere in the market and farms and very cheap to purchase in some areas. Bananas are very delicious when eaten ripe, but can be used in the production of ice cream, fruit salad and also augment cereal.

However, this article was formulated in other to discuss more about the importance of banana peels which is generally thrown away as trash. Banana peels are very edible and comes with a lot of loaded health benefits.  This peels are used to effectively improve food digestion, reduce cholesterol level and also solve skin problems.

Banana peels can be eaten and also applied topically for more benefits. At the end of this article, you will be finding it very difficult to dispose the banana peels after reading about all its benefits:

1. Stop Itching

Have you ever experienced bug bites before without having any natural remedy to relieve you from the pains? Well! Banana peels are the best when it comes to natural products that relieves itching from bug bites. You only need to massage the affected area with the banana peel for immediate result. This can also be implemented on rashes caused as a result of poison oak or poison ivy. There not enough research proofs to back up most of this claims but sure they work effectively.

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