5 Common Symptoms of Prediabetes You Should Know

Symptoms of Prediabetes – Prediabetes is a common medical condition whereby the blood sugar level of a person is chronically increased to a level not so high to be called a full blown diabetes. This simply means that there are some factors and activities you are performing that is leading you towards having a type 2 diabetes and all the health problems associated with it. Based on research studies, type 2 diabetes can give you up to 10 years life shortage.

One good thing and relief about prediabetes is that it can be reversible if properly managed. The earlier you recognize the problem and work towards it, the faster and sooner you can reverse the process and negative effects such as getting overweight, living a sedentary life and also consuming too much added sugar.

Its advice able to go for routine body checks and also check your blood glucose level at regular intervals.

Below are some common and uncommon symptoms of prediabetes that you can look out for that spell trouble of having full diabetes. Number 4 and 5 are very uncommon and may sometimes not appear to be diabetes but they are.

5 Common Symptoms of Prediabetes You Should Look Out For

1. High Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure are at the risk of having prediabetes. This is because hypertension easily forces the heart to work at a harder way just to pump blood round the body. This results to the body experiencing difficulties in removing excess sugar from the blood. Studies have shown that having both hypertension and prediabetes increases the possibilities of you having heart failure. However, if you suspect or know you are suffering from hypertension, its best you work towards preventing diabetes immediately.

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