Disadvantages of Eating Nuts Everyday To The Human Body

4. Poor Nutrient Absorption

Phytic acid present in nut is a defense mechanism that helps it travel long distance through the human digestive system without getting digested, thereby adding stress on the digestive system. This acid also have the ability of restricting the human body from absorbing nutrients. However, because of the inability of the human body to absorb it, this acid is left free to bind with other mineral like iron, zinc and magnesium, thereby preventing us from making use of them.

Studies have clearly proven and suggested that the human body can absorb up to 60% magnesium and 20% zinc from food when there is no phytic acid present in them.


This article clearly explains the good and bad side of eating nut everyday and most points listed above revolves round consuming it in excess. If you notice any effect on your body after consuming nuts, its advice able you visit a professional doctor for check up.

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