Is Eating Nuts Healthy For The Human Body?

Is Eating Nuts Healthy For The Human Body? – There are lots of positive reviews and positive benefits of consuming nut. Most people believe that consuming them will help them lose weight and fight other chronic diseases. Though it’s quite correct that nut comes loaded with vitamins and other minerals. They are also high in fat concentration. The type of fat needed to lower the body cholesterol is the healthy fat. So if your body have been accumulating bad fat, you are at a risk of having chronic diseases like cancer, heart infections, obesity and even weight gain.

However, there is a saying that “too much of anything is bad” well, this also applies in the case of nut consumption. The result of consuming a lot off nut might look okay in short term but will definitely result to negative issues in long term.

In this article, we will be explaining the good and bad side of consuming excess nuts and some of the impacts it has on the human body:

1.Weight Gain

As we said earlier, there are a lot of studies, believe and reports indicating that consuming nuts can help one lose weight. However in reality, consuming nuts helps to lose weight only when consumed in low or moderate quantity and not in excess. You also need to consume it with other diets and a exercise plan to get visible weight lose results. Nuts contain a high amount of unsaturated fat and this kind of fat has a high calorie load too. So if you consume a lot of nuts you will be gaining extra pounds instead of losing them.

But if you must have nuts present in your weight loss plan, then you need to reduce the fat you consume from other sources.

2.High Blood Pressure

Nuts are not a known blood pressure booster, but the problem with consuming nut is that some of them come salted. If they are raw and unsalted, they can help lower the blood pressure. But on the other hand, some of them are salted just to improve their taste. Salting them simply means adding sodium and potassium them. The quantity added in conjunction with the sodium and potassium present in other foods we consume, will lead to a high consumption of sodium and potassium. This situation can lead to an increase in the blood pressure.

However, it’s better and preferable to consume unsalted nuts but if you are fully aware of your sodium consumption, and you have them in check, you can still consume the salted nuts.

3.Gastrointestinal Problems

There are some compounds and elements present in nut that have a negative effect on the human digestive system. For example the fat and high fiber content can lead to diarrhea or can produce a lot of gas and bloating.

Additionally, nuts and seeds comes with a strong defense mechanism that makes it hard to digest them, thereby causing gastrointestinal problem.

4.Poor Nutrient Absorption

Phytic acid present in nut is a defense mechanism that helps it travel long distance through the human digestive system without getting digested, thereby adding stress on the digestive system. This acid also have the ability of restricting the human body from absorbing nutrients. However, because of the inability of the human body to absorb it, this acid is left free to bind with other mineral like iron, zinc and magnesium, thereby preventing us from making use of them.

Studies have clearly proven and suggested that the human body can absorb up to 60% magnesium and 20% zinc from food when there is no phytic acid present in them.


This article clearly explains the good and bad side of eating nut everyday and most points listed above revolves round consuming it in excess. If you notice any effect on your body after consuming nuts, its advice able you visit a professional doctor for check up.

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