How to Clean The kidney Naturally Using Common Drinks

How to Clean The kidney Naturally Using Drinks – The human kidney plays a major role in keeping the human body healthy. They work with the urinary tract and also help to filter the human blood. The filtrate gotten from the blood is sent out of the body as urine.

Kidney diseases are very hard to treat and are also very dangerous and deadly. Statistics shows that kidney cancer causes over 14,000 deaths yearly with over 63,000 new cases occurring every year. We highly encourage you keep taking drinks that will help you improve the health of your kidney. This Is because of the difficulty associated with treating kidney diseases.

Here are the few list of drinks you can take that will help you clean your kidney effectively:

1. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is a common food source known by everyone. Most people see it as very annoying, but this doesn’t stop it from having a healthy effect on the human body. Dandelion Is a very edible food which is very good at protecting and cleaning the human kidney. This drink Is a very good source of vitamin A,B C, and D, iron, potassium and also Zinc.

This food drink (Dandelion) is very effective and well used in making Native American medicines that helps in curing kidney infections. It’s anti-inflammatory and very effective in reducing kidney stones.

2.Beet Juice

Another well-known drink used in cleaning the kidney Is Beet Juice. This juice Is very effective and helps to sustain the livers health. Beet juice is composed of high amount of anti-oxidants that helps to eliminate free radicals and also increase the urine acidity. Another importance of beet juice is in the removal of calcium from the kidney thereby reducing the possibilities of developing kidney stones.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is quite common and also popular in some areas in America. Even though most people do not like it due to its taste. This tea is made up of ginger spice which comes with a lot of beneficial health nutrients for the human body. Gingers helps to combat free radicals and also reduce kidney inflammations.

If you are interested in having a ginger tea, you can buy a good amount of ginger and grate them unpeeled. Keep them inside a hot water for over 8 minutes well covered. You can add little honey to them to help improve the taste. This will also help in healing cough and also combating stomach aches.

4. Stinging Nettle

The stinging nettle is a common plant used in producing most traditional medicinal products. Its highly effective in reducing inflammations because of the presence of high anti-oxidants found in it. Stinging nettle is used in most foreign and European countries in the treatment of kidney infections. Additionally. It can also be used to flush out dangerous bacteria from the human urinary tract. Its strongly advice able that pregnant women should avoid drinking stinging nettle.

5.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a common fat flusher and liver cleansing agent. This juice contains a chemical compound known as citrate which helps to effectively eliminate calcium from the human liver and also prevent the development of kidney stones. You can simply have your own lemon juice prepared at home by just squeezing out 2-4 lemons into a cup of cold water and drink them. Its recommended you make your own lemon juice from lemons rather than buying them in the juice form sold at stores.

6. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is a good and effective spice with quality health properties. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory product and also known to stop chronic kidney inflammation. Turmeric can also be used to stop leaky gut which is also linked to chronic inflammation.

Turmeric can help to effectively lower the blood pressure which is the second major cause of kidney infections. Since it also used for improving liver function, having a cup of turmeric tea is a terrific kidney cleanse.

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