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High Carb Fat Loss Review – This is What This Program Does to You

Welcome to our honest review article on High Carb Fat Loss. This article explains all you need to know about this weight loss program. At the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether to join this program or not.

Losing weight can be a very tough, and unbearable task if not done in the right way. In fact, via mere observation, you can tell that it’s far easier to gain weight than losing weight.

 Research shows that the population of people with excess weight have increased tremendously compared to previous years. This is because, a lot of people are too busy, and sometimes careless about what they eat and the lifestyle they live. Scientific research have also linked hereditary factors to heavy weight gain and obesity, but this factor contributes less than 40% of the population of obesity and overweight patients.

A lot of people have gotten themselves involved in different weight-loss programs and medications, without getting any changes in their body weight and shape. This is because, most of this so called unconventional weight loss medications are ineffective when it comes to losing weight. They only try to mask the problem, leading to negative side effects in future.

The so called weight loss exercise programs and gym sections can be very stressful and unbearable. Some of them involve monopoly of activities which easily makes people tired because of repetition.

Due to this current trend of excess weight gain in the life of different people, we decided to carry out an intensive research on different weight loss programs in the weight loss industry, just to help you get the best weight loss program, that have been proven effective with lots of testimonials backing it up.

Out of all the weight loss programs we came across, we found a very effective program known as High Carb Fat Loss. This programs comes with a lot of testimonies from people that have achieved weight loss and their dream shape using this program.


high fat carb losss

What Is High Carb Fat Loss?

The high carb fat loss program is a weight loss program designed to help you lose weight using high carb diet, while avoiding processed foods. In return, you will be getting an improved body metabolism, energy level and decreased fat storage.

This program focuses on eating whole foods, which makes it different from every other weight loss program. Reasons behind consuming whole foods for weight loss is clearly explained in the modules present in this guide.

Additionally, this program consist of different recipes, meals and snacks that are very effective for weight loss. Unlike other unfriendly weight loss programs, this program comes friendly with an easy to follow step by step process needed to achieve your dream body shape.  


More Information

Have you been wondering why you need carb for weight loss? Well! In the modules present in this program are some of the important reasons and roles carbs play in reducing excess weight, which are supported by scientific research. This programs explains in depth reasons why your body keeps gaining weight despite all your effort to lose them.

Lastly, you will be getting easy to follow meal plans, which will help you understand the best meals you need for your weight loss journey, and those you don’t need. You will also be connected to a Facebook group, where you will be meeting other clients that are present in this program.

Ones you place your order for this program, you will be given instant access to all the resources present in the online portal.

Who Are The Authors of this program?

This program was developed by two professionals known as Rusty Moore and Mark Kislich. Rusty has worked closely with different high profile individuals, as a private fitness expert. He is also working as a fitness adviser to most top celebrity models. He has a strong background in fitness and weight loss writing for over a decade.

Additionally, mark is also active in the sporting atmosphere as a fitness coach for the Olympics, channeling his knowledge and experience on conditioning and strength. The two professionals met online and had a discussion on marks  weight loss success, which helped them come up with this program to help other people lose weight too.


How They Connected?

They got connected through the intriguing comment mark made on rusty blog post. From marks comment, rusty learnt that mark was practicing keeping fit with high carb and low fat diet. Which made him lose over 100 pounds in a short time, and kept him looking good at his 40s.

Rusty decided to try out the same diet and was amazed by the results she got in few months. This also made her feel more energetic and started developing well-formed muscles.

Lastly, both of them decided to bring their knowledge together in creating this highly effective weight loss program, to help other people lose weight and also keep fit.

high fat carb losss

What Will You Learn From High Carb Fat Loss?

When you place your order for this program, you will be given instant access to the guide which comes in different well-organized modules. Some of the information you will be finding in each modules are clearly explained below.

Module 1

This module talks about the general program and contains all the basic information you need to know about losing weight. It also clearly explains all rustys research on high carb and low fat diet.

Module 2

This module sheds more light on the entire weight loss process, and clearly displays testimonies, and reviews from people that have achieved weight loss using this program

Module 3

This modules helps you understand your dieting mistakes, and explains some of the easy ways you can correct them to get effective results.

The two then organized the program and the modules to streamline it. These two are not just some guys who decided to create a program without any background in fitness at all. Since they worked in the industry, they are putting their reputation and name on this program. This module is also divided into three units which include:

  • Introduction to high carbohydrates and low fat dieting.
  • Rustys high carbohydrate and low fat dieting.
  • Mark high carbohydrates and low fat dieting.

Module 4

This module will expose you to different meals which will help you improve your creativity. This module also contains samples of large meals and dinners, and also small meals and snacks.

Module 5

This is the concluding aspect of the program, and contains lots of frequently asked questions copied with link to the Facebook groups and other testimonials linked to this program.

High Carb Fat Loss Pros & Cons

No matter how effective a program is, there are always some pros and cons linked to it. Since we choose to give out honest reviews on this program, we will be listing all the pros and cons linked to this program below:


  • This program will help you boosts your body metabolism.
  • Reveals the abs
  • You also get to improve vascularity
  • Improves your body energy levels
  • Help give you a beautiful and ripped appearance
  • You get lots of important Downloadable online resources.
  • This program is very flexible and offers several different food options
  • You also have access to Vegan-friendly meals.
  • You have complete access to Facebook group.


  • The program is only available online


Does The High Carb Fat Loss Program Work?

We understand this is one of the questions that must be going though your mind now, so we have decided to explain further.

This program is highly effective for weight loss, and we can really assure you of getting significant body changes when you start this program. There have been lots of positive reviews, and testimonies circulating the internet about this program, and you get to learn more about them when you join the Facebook group.

Another important benefit of undergoing this program is that, you will be exposed to other customers actively involved in this program. This will help you boost your motivation, and will keep you committed to having your desired shape.

Lastly, you will be exposed to lots of information and resources you will need in your weight loss journey. This resources are well organized in an easy to follow manner to help you comply with them without making errors.



The truth is you shouldn’t give up on your weight loss journey, if you are one of those seeking for how to lose extra pounds. We fully understand that the internet is filled up with scams and fake weight loss programs, plus medications pretending to help you lose weight, but have all been proven ineffective.

Over here, we only review medications and programs with lots of positive reviews and testimonies to back them up. This is why we have brought the high car fat loss program to you, because of its effectiveness, and the professional steps taken to produce this program, which ensure it’s very effective for any weight loss journey.

Don’t you think this is the right time to make a life changing decision? Are you not tired of moving around with those heavy fat accumulated in your body? Well! In case you don’t know, excess fat accumulation can also lead to other severe health issues such as heart attack. Research have shown that most heavy weight people have a higher risk of having heart failures compared to the slimmer ones.

So if you know you are tired of having excess weight or been obese, this is the right time to make the right decision. We are fully optimistic that if you join this program today, you will be living with a slimmer and beautiful shape in a short time.


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