Here Are Some Cancer Causing Drinks You Should Avoid

Some Cancer Causing Drinks You Should Avoid – One of the deadliest disease known and common in the world today is cancer, this is because cancer have taken the life of so many people and when it comes to treating it, the chances are very slim. The kind of treatment administered to cancer patients are brutal and most times leave behind side effects even after clearing out the disease.

However, the best way to go about combating cancer is by using preventive measures. This is because preventive measures are far better than cure and saves time and pains. We need to work towards doing everything within our means, to prevent us from getting cancer.  

In the fight against cancer, we need to pay close attention to the kind of food and drinks we consume because of their role in cancer development. Some of the foods and drinks we consume contain compounds that support the development of cancer in human body.

The below list contains 6 Cancer Causing Drinks You Should Avoid

1. Tap Water

The water system infrastructure present in USA is very outdated and not currently been modernized in a timely fashion. Instead of improving the water system, the government is encouraging citizens to make use of toxic water chemical to remove dangerous contaminants from the water. One popularly used water cleaning chemical is chlorine.

One of the disinfection byproduct present in chlorine is dibutyl phthalate which is very toxic when compared to chlorine. It has been proven that there are probable human carcinogens present in about 43 samples of water tested across the united states.

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