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Half Day Diet by Nate Mikyaki Review

The Half Day Diet program is a new weight loss program designed by a fitness author known as Nate Miyaki. But how does this program work? And how can it help anyone lose weight? Continue reading to find out…

In recent years, there have been an increase in the population of people with over weight problems. Also, there have been a similar increase in the population of weight loss programs and medications that are effective in helping people lose weight. But despite the increase in weight loss remedies, there have also been an increase in the amount of over weight loss people.

According to Nate Miyaki, is NOT that the weight loss medications and programs don’t work. In fact, there are lots of evidence that shows that this medications are really effective. In Nates eyes, the problem is that this medications and programs, find it almost impossible to keep up in long term due to food cravings, binge eating and even brain fog.

That is why he came up with a diet solution. To allow people enjoy tasty carbs while tricking their body into burning fat.

The current cost of this program is $29. This will be including a variety of bonuses such as the Nates “Restaurant and Fast food survival Guide” plus the main handbook.

According to Nate, this price is only available through the official website. Click link below to access the official website and also free discount.


This program is a hybrid of low carb, coupled with intermittent fasting and paleo diets. It requires you to follow a strict low-carb/paleo diet during the day, and you are allowed to consume carbs with your evening meal.

A low carbohydrates diet limits foods like refined sugars, pasta, bread and properly replaces them with protein or healthy fat.

Basic guideline to most low carb protocols:

  • Good Foods: Dairy products, fish, eggs, meats, natural fats and vegetables
  • Bad Foods: Starchy foods, starchy vegetables, sugar, fruits, soda.

Low-carbs diets are expected to work well because of the presence of insulin hormone in your body. When you consume fewer carbohydrates, your body will stabilize its sugar concentration/level. This will cause the insulin level to drop, allowing the body to lose more weight.

According to research studies, there are different levels of low carb diets. The ketogenic diets is the most extreme. The moderate or liberal low carb diets makes room for smaller portions of carbs to be consumed throughout the day.

One of the most attractive things about low carb diets is that you won’t be needing calorie counting. As long as you continue consuming good foods, you can eat when you are hungry and as much as you need.


There are few problems linked to consuming low carb diets. The biggest of them all is the mental problem. Most people find it hard to never consume delicious starchy foods. Many people start having cravings for yummy carbs after a while which leads to bingeing on pizza and snacks.

Low carb diets can also lead to issues like headache, irritability, fatigue and dizziness. These issues are usually temporary, but can easily cause anyone to stop before getting reasonable results. A lack of carbohydrates in your diet can cause reduction in performance and also cause brain fog.

According to Nate, the half day diet program solves this issue by focusing mainly on the timing when you eat carbs.

Instead of totally avoiding carbs, you are allowed to eat them in the evening while maintaining a paleo-style diet in the day. Nates confirms that this process will help anyone avoid cravings and binges while maintaining effective metabolism.

This will trick your body system into losing weight like it’s on low carb diet, while consuming carbohydrates. According to Nate, the key involves following a defined rules governing the type of carbs you eat and when you should be eating them. All this rules are properly explained in the guide that makes up this program.

Here are 3 pillars that make up the program:

  • Pillar #1 – Macro-Optimisation. The core part of this program teaches you how to optimize your body protein, carb and fat intake to maximize fat burning. A variety of different templates are included to help you work out what, when and how much food to eat.
  • Pillar #2 – Customization. Nate clearly explained how to adapt the program to your body, lifestyle and taste. This means the program will work for anybody regardless of your goals.
  • Pillar #3 – Evolution. As you start to experience weight drop, you will need to change your diet if you want to maintain getting results. This is why most people lose a lot of weight at first, then struggle to get rid of stubborn fat. This program makes this easy by providing you with the right set of templates depending on your current lifestyle.


This program is available in digital copy. You will be needing an active internet connection to get access to this program. Aside that, there are also other bonuses that comes with this program and they include:

  • Half Day Diet Handbook – The main handbook has 204 pages which contains everything you need to know about working with the diet. There are 5 sections, including Nate’s story, background story on fat loss, a section about how to properly follow the diet and charts and adjusting it to your lifestyle.
  • Restaurant & Fast Survival Guide – this plan will help you pick healthy yet tasty meals at restaurants.
  • The Happy Hour Handbook – This short guide will help you enjoy a night of social drinking without ruining your diet.
  • Vegetarian Diet Ebook – if you want to follow the diet as a vegan or vegetarian, this guide will help you do so.
  • The Holiday Fat Loss Manual – sometimes you are fully aware that you are going to eat too much of the wrong foods. This eBook will help you get through Christmas or other holidays without any guilty feeling or affecting your results.
  • The Flat Belly Platinum Club (30 days access) – like most weight loss programs, there is also a members club. You will get free access for complete 30 days to the club, which will be including dieting tips, recipes and a Half Day Virtual Nutritionist software.

Considering that the current discounted price is $29, we are sure you are getting a lot for your cash. The eBook will also be saving you the cost of shipping.

Who is this program for?

According to Nate, this program designed for anyone interested in losing weight. This is because the diet templates available in this program allows you to adapt it to your lifestyle and goals.

Please understand that this program doesn’t have a diet pill. You need to work strictly with the rules for an extended period if you want to start seeing results.

Should You Buy This Program?

If you are interested in getting a solid plan that will help you lose weight without relying on any crash dieting or completely changing your lifestyle. This program is definitely the right choice.

Other positive benefits about this program include:

  • You don’t need an iron will power to work with the program. You can still consume those yummy carbs in the evening.
  • You can make use of this program regardless of your fat percentage, weight and activity level.
  • This program promotes a healthy lifestyle that focuses on long term weight loss.
  • This program focuses on food that can help you lose weight without exercises.
  • This handbook provides a deep and effective information about dieting. This also includes the type of food to eat, when to consume them and why the food/diet works.
  • It teaches you how you can adapt to diet as you start getting results

Nate also has a strong and excellent credentials. According to our findings, he has been featured in publications such as shape, men’s health and T-Nation. His website testimonials section clearly shows that a lot of people have been transformed using his program. He is also the author of a highly rated book known as “6 Pack checklist” and “Samurai Diet”

Negatives aspects of this program include:

  • The handbook and other bonuses are only available in digital formats.
  • There are not recipes present in the book.
  • Unlike other diet books, Nate doesn’t try really hard to motivate you.
  • This program contains little information about exercising.

This program comes with a 60days money back guarantee. In case you aren’t satisfied with the results gotten from this program, you can request for a refund in the first 60 days of purchasing this program.


The concept behind the half day diet is very intriguing. Who isn’t willing to lose weight while still eating carbs in the evening? If you are finding it difficult to follow a strict low-carb diet, then you need to consider using the Nates program.

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