How to Relieve Pain Naturally Using Common Foods

Relieve Pain Naturally – Pains are majorly caused by inflammations and the counter inflammatory response. Severe and chronic inflammations play a major role in diseases such as asthma, cancer, heart diseases, dementia and arthritis.

By managing the inflammation properly we will have better chances of controlling our pain and also reduce the development of more diseases.

There are also foods that have been reported to aid the increase in inflammation, example include: white flour and sugar. On the other hand, there are also foods that can help you decrease inflammations too and also help you in the fight against cancer and other chronic diseases.

However, the good part of this is that all the foods that help in fighting inflammations taste really good, and can be easily added to the human diet.

Below are the list of foods that can help in the reduction of inflammations in humans and number 4 will definitely surprise you:

Foods That Can Help Anyone Relieve Pain Naturally

1.Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega 3

Omega-3 rich foods are well known for the fight against inflammations in the human body. Researches carried out on mice shows that the mice stopped the development of arthritis and had a reduction in join swelling after consuming virgin olive oil.

The best sources for omega-3s are in fishes like that of salmon, mackerel, tuna and trout. There are also other sources such as omega-3 rich eggs, nuts and walnuts.


garlic foods Get Rid of Pain Naturally

Garlic contains a compound known as quercetin. Quercetin is an antioxidant that helps in reduction of inflammations. You can consume up to 4 cloves of raw garlic or probably use them powdered or as supplement. However, there are indications that raw garlic causes stomach up, so health experts have recommended the consumption of aged garlic. Garlic is also a well-known cancer fighter and can help you lower the risk of potential heart disease.

3.Tart Cherries

tart cherries Get Rid of Pain Naturally

If you are interested in getting a good drink that can also help you reduce inflammation, then you shouldn’t be skipping having tart cherry juice. Tar cherry contains a compound known as anthocyanin which is an antioxidants that is well known for reducing inflammations. Regular intake of cherry juice a day can help you decrease pain and stiffness.

4.Green Tea

Green tea is a common anti-inflammatory super food. It is very good for every part of the human body that you should take it even if you aren’t feeling any pain!  Green tea contains and effective antioxidants that helps to reduce inflammation. And other healthy properties it has include preventing cancer disease, melting the belly fat, helping during hangovers, and also reducing depression.

5.Whole Grains and Beans

beans Get Rid of Pain Naturally

Beans and whole grains are also good sources of anti-inflammatory agents compared to white rice and white flour that can increase inflammations. Other foods like chia seeds, brown rice, and oatmeal can help lower the c-reactive proteins. These proteins are effective combating agents for any inflammation associated with the heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Fiber also have a major role in keeping the bowels very healthy, for weight loss and lastly for fighting heart diseases.

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