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Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Welcome to our honest review article on forbidden fitness secrets. This article contains all you need to know about this program, and at the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether to use this product or not.


There are so many people today interested in keeping fit but can’t go to the gym. Either they can afford the financial burden associated with gym programs or they can’t afford the constant dedication and discipline associated with gym programs. A lot of people have started different fitness programs but couldn’t finish them because of lack of interest, and sometimes due to repetition of the same thing over and over again.

Whatever the case might be for you, you can still keep fit even without going to the gym. Yes! You got it right. Keeping fit mustn’t be about the gym alone and you mustn’t have a gym membership card if you want to stay fit.

Thanks to technology advancement, now anybody can stay fit and still have those rigorous exercise in the comfort of their beautiful homes. This is exactly what we will be covering in this forbidden fitness review, to help you decide on the fitness program suitable for you.

What Is Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

The forbidden fitness secret is an effective online fitness program designed to help anyone stay fit. This program comes with a series of instructional videos that can help you get in shape quickly and effectively. Using this program, you will be learning different exercises based on you strength concept. The videos associated with this program are well organized in an easy to follow steps.

After placing an order for this program, you will be getting an email containing all the downloadable files. All the necessary instructions and videos are hosted on a secure online server making it easy for you to access them at any place and time.

Using a stable internet connection, you can get easy access to this videos on you mobile phone, laptop, iPad, and also your desktop computers. The resources present in this program covers all the necessary information you need to know about weight loss and keeping fit. They are easy to understand and follow, so you don’t need any extra hand to tell you what to do.

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets Guide Comes with The Following Materials

  • 99 videos
  • 6 software tools
  • Individual nutrition and training plans for you
  • 80+ recipes (also Vegetarian and Vegan)

There are lots of reviews associated with this program. A lot of customers have taken advantage of this program and they are all successful with it. This program also comes with tools and instructions on how to determine your calorie goal and conversion. If you have been looking for a fitness program that will save you enough time and money, then this is the right program for you.

This program is very cheap and goes for only $64. At this price, you will be getting information and resources worth more than your money. All what you will be getting from this program will help you stay fit and you don’t need to attend any external fitness program or make use of any unconventional medication.


Who Is Ryan Murdock?

The author and producer of the forbidden fitness secret is known as Ryan Murdock. He is a martial art expert as well as a professional body weight trainer. He is well known for his ability to train in the least forgiving environments in the world.  

Ryan has been actively involved in fitness and martial art since when he was in his 6th grade. He also earned his black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu at the age of 15. For over a decade now, his fitness workouts have been strictly focused on improving his performance on martial art.

Due to his extreme success in martial arts, he was highly demanded as a coach. His programs were shown on TV and he was able to hold different fitness seminars for people around Europe and north America.

Ryan Murdock is willing to research new fitness programs, ideas and keep getting updated on the latest fitness trends in the industry. His fitness articles are present in Shapeshifter and BodyweightCoach.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

What You Will Learn From Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

This program is designed to expose some secret lessons you need to learn about fitness and weight loss tricks. The video associated with this training is based on the concept of intrinsic strength and it’s as well inspired by the martial arts.

This program is one of the best online fitness programs available on the fitness industry today. It comes loaded with different resources and tools needed to help you lose weight and stay fit. The training videos is meant for those interested in staying fit. There are also dietary information to help you consume the right food that will keep your body healthy and help you in muscle building.

Additional benefit of this program is the flexibility it comes with.  This program is readily available online, making it easy for you to access it any day and any time.


The 12 weeks fitness training program comes in 3 phases which includes:

  •  Kick-start – phase 1 (duration from 1 to 4 weeks)

This is the basic and introductory aspect of this program. This section covers some of the things you need to know about losing weight fast and you will also learn some of the important nutrition and training your body needs.

  •  Reshape – phase 2 (duration from 5th to 8th week)

From the 5th week of this program, you will be focusing on a reshape using nutrition. You will learn how to adapt to your new dietary guidelines for you fitness success. This period will be a bit intense and will boost your muscle development and weight loss.

forbidden fitness review
  • Feel-Good – phase 3 (duration from 9th to 12th week)

Streamlining of your body through intensive training continuous on this phase. The main purpose of this phase is to shape the body and maintain a low fat level.

Now you can see how this program is well organized to help you stay fit and lose extra pounds. You only need to be dedicated and adhere to all the important rules available on this program.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Pros & Cons


  • This program consist of moderate training that will help you stay fit and lose weight.
  • This program comes with a loaded nutrition guide.
  • With your mobile device or desktop computer, you can access the program anywhere.
  • The program is also designed to help you increase your energy level.
  • The guide contains all the necessary resources in a step by step manner.


  • This program is only available through their official website and cannot be found elsewhere.

Does Forbidden Fitness Secrets Work?

There are lots of positive reviews and testimonies linked to this program. People have seized the opportunity that comes with this program and have successfully kept themselves fit. This program is highly effective and you do not need to be a martial art expert to be part of it.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in fitness training, this program will guide you using easy to follow step by step methods.



Staying fit and losing weight can become a big task for you if you do not manage yourself properly. You need to be guided on the kind of food to it and kind of activities that provides the best result.

From all our research and reviews on this program, we are fully recommending this program to anyone interested in keeping fit and losing weight.

Having a lot of fat accumulated in your system can be very dangerous for you. Most times, it can lead to more severe cases such as chronic heart attack. We are fully sure you wont want to suffer from such problem. That is why we are recommending you become part of this fitness program today.


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