Never Buy These Common Foods Again

Foods You Should Never Buy – There are lots of different kinds of foods sold at the store and market, most of these food are good and beneficial to the body while the rest aren’t good. Not all foods you see on the store should go into your basket. There are some foods masquerading as healthy foods but offer damaging effects to the human body and they are often very expensive, yet provide little or no benefit.

This article contains list of 7 different Foods You Should Never Buy again when you see them:

List Of Foods You Should Never Buy Again When You See Them

1. Smoked and cured meats

Do you know that cured and preserved meat are very unhealthy? They are preserved using a chemical compound known as nitrate or nitrites which can break down into deadly cancer compounds in the body. Other additives you can find in cured meats is sodium which plays a major role in causing high blood pressure. The United States federal regulations permits meats such as hot dogs to contain max of 50% fat in weight.

2. “Blueberry” items

Blueberries are widely known as a nutritious food and this nutrient fruit contains a lot of health benefit to the human body which includes reducing the risk of having cancer. But because a product present at the store claims to contain or made up of blueberry doesn’t mean it contains any. There are lots of blueberry products that are made up of artificial blueberry flavor, which give them the blueberry taste and smell. So instead of going for artificially made blueberry products, kindly seek for fresh blueberry fruits.

3. Reduced fat foods

History made us understand that fat is bad for the body and we have been told that fat is the major cause of weight gain and other associated diseases. This is not entirely true.

The human body needs a certain amount of good fat in diet, and this good fat are responsible for facilitating the body activities. Some of the low fat products sold in store actually contain lots of sugar. This is because manufacturers of this products add more sugar when they remove the fat present in this products. This helps in improving the taste of the products. There are some scientific research that are pointing at sugar as the major cause of weight gain.

4. Bottled tea and powdered tea

Both the well-known and commonly used powdered teas cost more than the normal tea bags and they also come with more sugar content that the ones used at homes.

When purchasing tea from stores, ensure you check the bottle for the sugar content. Sometimes most of them contain more sugar than soda. Its better you make your tea at home and get the essential benefits while you save more cost same time.

5. Tomato-based pasta sauces

The store sold tomatoes comes with two identifiable problems. One is that it cost more than the regular ingredients used in the production and the second is that it contains more sugar and salt.

For a lower cost and lesser time, you can prepare your sauce at home and enjoy the health and financial benefits. Tomatoes are much more available at low cost in the summer than any other period, so you can seize such opportunity to make enough tomato paste for your use.  

6. Mercury-heavy fish

One major cause of human expose to mercury is through the consumption of fish that is high in mercury.

Mercury gets spilled on our immediate environment through coal coming from manufacturing factories. This mercury travel long distance through air and gets settled on waterways containing fishes. The smaller fish absorb them and later gets eaten by the bigger fishes. This increases the mercury content in the bigger fishes, and this is what we buy from stores.

7. Energy drinks

This will be a hard one for people that love consuming energy drinks. Though it’s quite understandable that the body needs energy boost to keep it functioning, but is preferable to get this energy from coffee or homemade tea. The energy drink sold in stores contain a large amount of sugar with caffeine added to it, linking them to one of the major causes of heart attacks, convulsion and also death.

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