7 Foods You Should Never Buy Again When You See Them

Foods You Should Never Buy – There are lots of different kinds of foods sold at the store and market, most of these food are good and beneficial to the body while the rest aren’t good. Not all foods you see on the store should go into your basket. There are some foods masquerading as healthy foods but offer damaging effects to the human body and they are often very expensive, yet provide little or no benefit.

This article contains list of 7 different Foods You Should Never Buy again when you see them:

List Of Foods You Should Never Buy Again When You See Them

1. Smoked and cured meats

Do you know that cured and preserved meat are very unhealthy? They are preserved using a chemical compound known as nitrate or nitrites which can break down into deadly cancer compounds in the body. Other additives you can find in cured meats is sodium which plays a major role in causing high blood pressure. The United States federal regulations permits meats such as hot dogs to contain max of 50% fat in weight.

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