What Food stuff is Bad For The Kidneys

Foods bad for kidneys – The kidney is an important organ of the body. Are you aware of the tough jobs carried out by the kidney? From excreting filtered waste products present in the bloodstream to balancing the body fluids there are still other activities it carries out including releasing hormones to produce red blood cells, improve bone health and also regulate the body blood pressure.

Our daily diet, medications and environmental toxins tend to put our kidney through a lot, some of which we are aware of and the others we aren’t aware of. This can result to having struggles with issues such as cancer of the kidney, kidney stones or even kidney failure.

Even though our kidney is designed to handle toxins, some burden placed on our kidney can be reduced despite been tough.

The below list contains some Foods bad for kidneys, even though some might seem very healthy to you:


nuts - Foods bad for kidneys

If you already have kidney stones, having nuts won’t be a good snack for you. They contain a common mineral compound known as oxalate, which are present in some common type of kidney stone. If you have ever had stones in the past, you need to stop having nuts.

For the healthy ones, it’s also important to know of your consumption of oxalate containing foods, which include beets, spinach, potato chips, bran flakes and French fries.


avocados - Foods bad for kidneys

Are you aware that avocados come with a high amount of potassium? This potassium controls the body fluids, pH level and also electrolyte balance. The human kidney depends on the regular level of sodium and potassium to effectively carry out their job and excess of it can result to problems.

The situation where the body blood contains too much potassium is referred to as hyperkalemia. This situation is common among-st people with advanced kidney infection.

3. Caffeine

coffee - Foods bad for kidneys

Coffee is one of the drinks most people rely on to boost their daily activities. Taking coffee, soda or any energy drink isn’t right for people with kidney infections. Research have shown connection between long term coffee consumption and chronic kidney diseases and their ability to increase the level of kidney stones.

Additionally, caffeine has the ability to stimulate the body blood flow which later result to increase in the blood pressure. This is something you should be wary of if you have a high blood pressure.

4. Dairy Products

diary products

Cheese, yogurt, milk are all classified as dairy products. This products are well loaded with calcium which tends to increase the calcium level in the body urine which has also been connected with high risk of kidney stones.

Reducing the consumption of dairy products makes the filtering job done by the kidney lot easier and can also delay the need for any dialysis.

Another product that tends to increase the chances of having heart disease is butter. This is because it contains a lot of saturated fat. You can switch to making use of olive oil and vegetables to relieve you of using butter.

5. Salt


We have early discussed the impact of having excess sodium in the human body. Sodium works with potassium to maintain the body fluid balance which is very crucial for the functioning of the kidneys. But the problem here is that most of the foods we consume contains a lot of sodium even before we add salt to them.

Excess sodium causes the human kidney to hold water, in order to dilute the salt present in the bloodstream which causes more burden for them. Long term habit of excess sodium consumption, can increase the blood pressure level which will lead to the damage of the kidney nephrons.

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