5 Common Anti Aging Foods That Will Make The Skin Glow

5. Walnut


Most people do not know how important walnut can be to their body and skin. Walnuts is very effective when it comes to skin optimization because it contains essential fatty acids compounds. This fatty acids serve as a building block for healthy cell membranes, and also, because of the fact that we do not create them naturally and internally, we need to work towards getting the omega-3s and the omega-6s from our food consumption.

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We highly recommend the use of walnut for EFAs because of the presence of skin loving antioxidants such as the vitamin E and C and also the selenium that are present in them. Zinc is also a better influence when it comes to skin healing and nourishment.


The major influence to a healthy living is nutrients sourced from plant based food with little amount of meat, like fish, added to it.  Most fruits, especially the ones present on this list contains a reasonable amount of antioxidants which helps to improve your skin. So when seeking for your next meal, ensure you have this fruits present in the right proportion.


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