5 Brain Damaging Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

Rehabilitate Your Brain Through Your Daily Habits – Sometimes we are tempted to have an extra fun, either going extra miles to have more cups of wine or alcohol to having more hours of sleep or down to spending more time watching movies at close range. Why some of this lifestyle are good, the others can be life threatening. While having fun and carrying out our daily activities, we should be careful about things that negatively affect our health.

Those habits that either rapidly, or gradually deny the brain of important nutrient benefit or kills the brains cells, exposes us to the risk of having mental disorders, and also physical ailments such as stroke, cancer, and even epilepsy.

It’s quite easy to forget or to be unaware that even when the mind is at rest, the brain might not be at rest and could be suffering. Most mental issues are closely associated to genetics but human lifestyle also have a role to play too.

The below list contains few dangerous Brain Damaging Habits You need to stop now:

Brain Damaging Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

1. Skipping Breakfast

The most important food of the day is the morning breakfast even though most people do not take this seriously because they are busy or something. Studies have shown that skipping the morning breakfast can result to you having low sugar level which is damaging to the human brain. The human brain consumes more energy than any other part of the body and takes over 20% of the total glucose stored in the body system daily.

The neuron signals sent across various part of the human body is powered by 2/3 of the brains energy capacity, while the remaining 2/3 is used for cellular maintenance and proper body care.

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