Benefit of Using Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is one of different common foods that gets a lot of attention from different people and has a lot of debates. While some health experts refer to it as a super food with an effective combination of fatty acids that support human well-being, others see coconut oil as a “poison.”

Based on research and statistics, it has been proven that the population of people that consume a lot of coconut tend to have low incidence of heart disease than those that don’t consume it. However it has also be proven that coconut oil contains over 70% of saturated fat which is more than that of red meat which has 50% fat. Please be aware that excess fat in one’s diet can lead to cardiovascular problem which includes heart diseases.

The health benefit coconut oil offers is as a result of the triglyceride compound present in it. Ones you fully understand the working process of this compound, you can easily determine if coconut oil is right for you or not.

The below list contains some of the good and bad Benefit of Using Coconut Oil everyday:

Benefit of Using Coconut Oil Everyday

1. Increased Fat Burning

The triglycerides present in coconut oil have been attributed to escalating the number of calories the body can burn. Research have proven that ingesting about 15-30 grams of MCTs each day can bump up the energy expenditure by up to 5%.

When you are keen at shedding more weight, extra burn can go a long way. That’s the major point to preparing a diet high in MCTs.

2. Protection Against Dangerous Microorganisms

About half of the compounds present in coconut oil is lauric acids sourced from fatty acids. When digested, lauric acid is converted to another compound known as monolaurin. Research have proven that monolaurin and lauric acid can combat and destroy harmful pathogens such as that of fungi, bacteria and pathogens.

3. Reduced Hunger & Cravings

Another not widely known benefit of the fatty acids present in coconut oil is that they are very effective when it comes to losing weight. MCTs digested differently from other types of known fats. They move directly to the human liver and are effectively used for energy or can be turned to ketones.

In addition to other efforts, consuming more coconut oil will translate into weight loss.

4. Improved HDL Cholesterol Level

Consuming a lot of saturated fat is not healthy for the body, but this doesn’t apply to all saturated fat. The type of fat present in coconut oil have been proven to increase the level of HDL or quality cholesterol in the human body, and at the same time converting the bad cholesterol into a form that is less dangerous. Most health experts strongly believe that coconut oil is very good for the health of the human heart despite having lots of fat content.

5. Fewer Seizures

The result gotten from research and experimental studies, shows that eating diet that contains a high amount of fat/low carb will reduce the occurrence of seizures in the life of epileptic children at the expense of other medications that failed to work. The fatty acids present in coconut oil are actively used in inducing ketosis in the life of epileptic patients of any age.

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